Inspection Services

Superior Home Inspections, LLC serves the South Jersey area, providing top-quality home inspection services. Our thorough inspections adhere to New Jersey’s rigid Standards of Practice as outlined in the New Jersey Administrative Code (Subchapter 15).

General Home Inspection

Our buyer’s inspection consists of an in-depth evaluation of most visible and readily accessible areas of a home. Each detailed and non-invasive inspection will be followed by a comprehensive report of any defective components or deficient systems.

The following areas are included in the inspection:

Roofing System
Structural Components
✓ Foundation & Crawl Space
✓ Basement
✓ Deck
✓ Driveway & Walkways
✓ Exterior (doors, windows, siding, eaves, soffits, fascias)
✓ Interior (doors, windows, walls, floors, ceilings, stairs)
✓ Attached Garage
✓ Fireplace
✓ Plumbing System
✓ Electrical System
✓ Heating System
✓ Cooling System

Commercial Property Inspection

Not limited to just residential properties, Superior Home Inspections is able to comprehensively evaluate commercial spaces for businesspeople and investors. We’ll meticulously examine the structure of a commercial building and the condition of any installed mechanical systems to give you a better idea of what you’d be walking into, should you choose to invest.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Also known as a Seller’s Inspection, this comprehensive evaluation of a home is intended for individuals preparing to sell their property. Before you list, we’ll take stock of the home’s condition and inform you of any defects for which we recommend repair or replacement. Equipped with this knowledge, you can address any issues that could be undesirable for a prospective buyer.

New Construction Inspection

When the building contractors are finishing up construction on your new home, we recommend giving us a call so that we can set up an inspection. We’ll arrive onsite to evaluate the structure, materials used, and installed systems—ensuring that no repairs or improvements are needed before the home is turn-key ready.

New Construction Phase Inspection

To keep a residential construction project on track and to preserve your own peace of mind, you should consider scheduling a Phase Inspection once construction begins on your new home. We’ll arrive during several critical stages of the building process to make sure that there are no safety hazards or improperly installed components that need addressed before progress should continue.


After repairs have been made on defective components identified during our initial inspection, we’ll return to verify that any modifications were done safely and in a way that adequately resolves the issue. Whether it’s addressing a deficient mechanical system or a defect that could impact structural integrity, repair work should always be evaluated by an unbiased professional. 

Radon Testing

Radon gas forms the natural breakdown of rock and soil compounds deep underground. Invisible and odorless, this radioactive gas can cause a host of health issues if it’s able to find a way into your home. We’ve undergone the proper training protocol and have the specialized equipment to ensure that your home is radon-free.

WDO/Termite Inspection

Wood-destroying organisms such as termites have been longtime antagonizers of homeowners all across the country. These creatures can cause an unbelieveable amount of damage to a home in a relatively short amount of time. We’re trained to identify the warning signs of a current infestation as well as the subtle indications of previous problems that may affect the integrity and value of a home. 

Superior Home Inspections, LLC is a name that you can trust when dealing with a home. We’re committed to meeting your needs as a homebuyer, seller, or investor by providing complete inspection services that won’t take shortcuts.

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